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Port Info Bonaire

Bopec Terminal

Bopec is the only operator of the port . Primarily used as a storage and transshipment facility for Crude oil and derivatives.
Bopec oil terminal has two jetties “T” type with maximum draft of 49 and 97 ft respectively. Read More


Kralendijk also the Island capital has Three piers that are used by Cruise vessels, General cargo Vessels and breakbulk cargo. Read More

Cargill Terminal

Cargill Salt Company is the only operator of this pier. “Saliña Pier” is used as a loading berth for Salt in bulk. Read More

Valero Terminal (Airport)

Bonaire Fuels N.V. is the operator of this pier. Primarily used as a discharge facility for Jet Fuel. Cargo is transferred directly to the Jet fuel Shore receiving tanks at the International airport of Bonaire. Airport dock particulars. Read More


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